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CNN reporters show no respect for the President Trump or his staff when in the White house what is wrong with these people?

And then they want the President to show them respect when they report fake news? Why don't they report on Obama or the Clintons with all the money she took in her so called foundation which did very little except for

her and her run for president which was a joke? Or why did Obama give

billions to Iran and the bad deal he made with them, why didn't you go

after him on that?

And now CNN wants to sue the the president for taking a news pass from the idiot reporter that show no respect but who kissed Obama Butt? for

eight years?

Think the staff of CNN suffer from IDIOTITIS causes the brain to shut down and the mouth to keep talking.

Hope someday the hire real reporters that can report the news and not make up stories as they do now.

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LOL... Well Fox just joined the lawsuit...

"Fox News Backs CNN In Lawsuit To Return Jim Acosta White House .." What now turkey? Oh and by the way, they did cover Obama releasing the Billions in IRANIAN money that was frozen for decades. He GAVE THEM nothing but what was theirs to begin with. I almost forgot, do you remember the time Obama tried the same thing against Fox?

Who stood up with Fox and the press at large.

Oh , you know who it was. It was CNN...


Why are you watching Fake News in the first place?

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