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Fellow Americans, please do not believe the f-----g numbers that the media has put out regarding the state of our economy, the stock market, the real estate market, etc, etc...! If we keep focusing on how bad things are, we we all fall into depression and just totally give up.

Enough already! I have stopped listening to the doom and gloom reports that are now rampant at CNN especially Glenn Beck. The scarier and more depressing the report, the happier they are because for some reason, people like to be scared. Isnt' that why we watch scary movies?

But let us get past all this melancholy! I know of a lot of business owners that are so distracted from pushing their businesses to success because they feel that it's pointless to advertise in this economy. Instead of doing marketing and trying harder to get more clients, they are paralyzed and thinking only of the worst. This is crazy!

I refuse to watch another news report that mentions that our economy is going to get worse and will stay that way for 5 to 10 years. I just don't want to believe what they want me to believe. Instead, I will focus on m business and help other businesses that I work with, in order to defeat this demoralizing prediction that this country is going down the drain. No!

I refuse to believe that. I came to this country 18 years ago as a legal immigrant and I have made my fortune here legally. I have worked so hard to get to where I am at, and I am determined to stay financially stable---- no matter what the media says will happen to me or to this country. Fellow Americans, let us fight back!

Let us not get discouraged and give up. Let us work harder than ever before and remain positive. If you lost your job, try to find a better one by enhancing your skills and be a better employee. If you are worried about your business, learn more about marketing and try harder to attract and retain clients.

There is always a way out. There is always a solution to all the problems that we are experiencing. Don't let this proud country turn into a third world country. Let us make more friends than enemies in other nations.

Let us vote for the best president. Let us keep praying for guidance so that we will know how to turn this economy around. Individually, let us do our share. By remaining strong as individuals, we will rise up again as the richest nation in the world.

I believe this! I know that things are getting better everyday. Let us all unite and turn things around for the better, for the sake of our families and friends.


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Greenwood, Wisconsin, United States #51878

I agree, the only way to turn this around is to spend what you have to spend. Don't sit on your money.

Yeah people are losing jobs, but its beacause people aren't spending. They are scared.

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