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I am so devastated to finally see how CNN mislead us, they do not have accurate information for the public, why? do they have political affiliation to democrats?

it is so wrong to deceive the public....we should all stop watching this fake news... it is their job to give us the right information since we pay for the channel subscription, it should be ilegal t deceive us. America is been blinded, time to wake up. the Question is have they always been like this?

they been feeding us lies...

who will make justice for that? wasted my time watching such a corrupted media..

Review about: Cnn Tv Channel.

Reason of review: Fake news.

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CNN should fire Acosta. He’s an embarrassment to journalism!


I hope CNN burns to the ground, they cannot even report truthful news. They are nothing but a 24/7 liberal propaganda machine.

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